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07/19/2005 - The Shaw 95 calendar is up and running! If you would like to put something on the calendar like a wedding or baby shower, etc., please fill out the form under “Suggest.” There is also a web-site suggestion form; if you have a suggestion for shaw95.com fill it out (under “Suggest”). Also, ticket cut off dates have been set, check the calendar for those dates. After the first date, prices increase but you still get all of the gifts. However, after the second cut-off date, while the prices stay the same, you will not get any of the gifts. This is due to the time needed to order the gifts for the reunion.

06/24/2005 - The site is back up. We were down for a few weeks since NOBODY bought their reunion tickets. But A FEW OF YOU decided to go ahead and buy them - and I THANK YOU for that (everyone else should too). Everyone planning to attend needs to go ahead and purchase their tickets. We will soon stop selling tickets and finalize our head count. Thanks again to those who paid, enjoy the site and help spread the word about the site and the tickets. Radio and newspaper ads to follow!

03/26/2005 - I have finished the first section of the yearbook and added some more pictures in the gallery and some memorabilia as well. I have exhausted my resources - no more pictures!! If you have anything, send me an e-mail in the message board. I will continue to scan the yearbook and other historical documents that I find at Shaw.

03/23/2005 - A date has been set for the reunion. If you haven’t registered on the Shaw Forum yet, register now! This is how we will send out reunion information and invitations. To find out more about the reunion, click on “Upcoming Reunion” above. I have also updated a few PDF’s and added some more pics.

03/12/2005 - There are a few new additions to the web-site: A “Shaw History” page under “Looking Back” and a “PDF’s” page under “Shaw ‘95 Memories.” I have also scanned almost all of the documents I kept into PDF’s, the rest of my football ribbons, and a few more odd’s and ends under “Memorabilia.”

03/09/2005 - The Class Forum is UP! Go the the “Connect” tab and click on “Class Forum” to register. This is where everyone will register and keep their personal info up to date (don’t worry, no one can see it). This is also where everyone will vote, post messages and make contact with their long lost classmates. I have also made some changes to the menus and tabs for better navigation. Next is the Calendar, more pictures, and the ability to register for the reunion online!

03/06/2005 - I have finally gotten our class web site “shaw95.com” up and running! The chat room is ready for use and I am working on scanning in the rest of the memorabilia I have kept since graduation. I am also working on the Class Forum and the Calendar, check back periodically for updates.

03/05/2005 - The Reunion Committee had its first meeting today! Everything went well, we are making progress and have a date in mind... As soon as we have a firm date, it will be posted here.

03/01/2005 - I have met with the assistant principal and the media specialist at Shaw; the renovations look great, but they still need to finish the auditorium. You can buy a new seat for the auditorium with your name on it for $110. I will bring this up with the reunion committee and kick around the idea of us buying a row of seats that say “Shaw class of 1995.”

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